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Join Rich Gang Today!

Rich Gang is currently recruiting Grand Theft Auto Online players on PS4. Become A Member Now & Climb The Ranks​!

To join simply:

1. Read & Understand our Crew Rules & Policies.

2. Fill out the Application Form on this page.

3. Click Here to Join Rich Gang’s Discord Server and say “#JoinRichGang” in our “New Recruits” channel. Don’t have a Discord account yet? No worries. Discord is Free. Download it for Free on the App Store (via Phone or Tablet) or on PC/Mac. Please Note: When you sign-up, please do so using your current PSN name.

Join Rich Gang on Discord

Become A Member & Climb The Ranks!


As soon as you have submitted the application, a recruiter will review your application and get back to you within 24-48 hours.