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Crew Rules & Policies

These rules are for all members of the Real Rich Gang crew.
Rules are subject to change at any time, at the Crew Leaders discretion.
Rules include, but are not limited to the following…

General Rules

Anyone who joins us agrees to the following whilst running with the crew in GTA…

1. Crew Member sales are handled as a crew. We sell/earn together. We protect each crew member’s product like our own. All crew members must be willing to help out with crew member sales by driving or flying other members’ sales vehicles.

2. All crew members must remain active. Crew members are required to sell (drive sales vehicles) for AT LEAST 1 hour per week to retain your crew member status. Anyone absent without notification for a period of ten days or longer will be sent a warning message regarding his/her absence and your crew membership may be at risk.

3. No Crew Killing. This includes anyone associated with Rich Gang. Courtesy must extend to property (e.g. Bikes, Cars, etc.) & crew member bounties. See Crew Bounties Section for more info.

4. Loyalty. The RICH crew is a pretty packed crew and everyone has a few different things to sell. Our loyalty is first to any member rocking the RICH tag. If you are a member of any other crew and need help, you may be helped but at an individual crew member’s discretion.

5. Annoying party noise. Please do not join any crew party chat/discord chat and create unnecessary background noise or annoyance. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to mute your mic or leave the party.

6. Attire. Whilst conducting RRG crew business, all crew members must wear a large crew emblem on their character at all times. This makes for better group shots and shows our force when others see us together as a group.

7. Business Battles. Whilst conducting Crew Sales, the crew helping agrees to secure Business Battles for the current Crew member running sales (if the crew member has the time and a Nightclub). In the event, that the crew member DOES NOT have a nightclub or the time, Business Battles will be ignored.

Failure to carry out any of these crew rules will risk your crew membership.

No Crew Killing/Griefing

If you are the type that enjoys killing other crew members for no reason or destroying their MC/CEO supplies/product then we may not be the right crew for you. Accidents can & will happen, however, most times experienced players can tell the difference. That being said, many of the members of our crew engage in playful and friendly combat with each other in free roam. In these instances, it can be confusing as a newer member, so we ask you to use your best judgment but also to err on the side of caution. Consider how well you ‘know’ the other members, and what the present situation is. If possible ask the members directly what they consider appropriate.

  1. Crew member to crew member killing is only allowed if all parties agree to it
  2. If you accidentally kill another crew member, immediately offer them to get their kill back, no questions asked
  3. If it is a mutual shootout you do not need to offer the kills back, but to the party on the low end of the kill feed, no getting salty about it, remember it was a mutual duel
  4. No killing each other while part of an MC or CEO helping to sell product… the MC/CEO will disband and the shootout can happen somewhere else on the map away from drop
  5. No killing each other if there are less than 5 members in an MC
  6. No killing each other if we are selling product in a populated lobby… protecting crew and product from potential griefers comes first
  7. If you are involved in a duel, you must stop everything you are doing and assist in protecting product
  8. Know when enough is enough… If one of the members involved in a duel asks you to stop… both parties must stop immediately and make friends again

On a related note, if you are playing with friends who are not crew members, it is your responsibility to inform any crew members in that session who might see them as being valid targets, and your responsibility to keep your friends from attacking crewmates. It isn’t practical for us to keep an up to date list of ‘friendlies’ so we have no rules about killing non-crew members. Use your own judgment and communicate with each other.

Failure to carry out these crew rules will risk your crew membership.

Crew Member Bounties

When a crew member receives a Bounty whether by stealing a random vehicle in-game or by another player in-game, they are required to find the nearest crew member and have them kill them and send 100% of the bounty fee to the crew member that originally had the bounty on them in the first place via in-game share cash with player.

Crew members WILL NOT just kill a crew member with a bounty, they must speak to the crew member first to give that crew member time to pocket any cash prior to being killed for the bounty transfer.

At Rich Gang, all we care about is making more and more money. So we encourage stealing random cars every once in a while to get extra money throughout your daily grind.

Failure to carry out this crew rule will risk your crew membership.

Crew Member Protection

Crew members are required to protect other crew members in Public Lobbies. If you are going about your daily grind and notice that a fellow crew member is getting griefed. You are required to help out your fellow crew member. We DO NOT allow our fellow crew members to fall without assistance.

Whether you are alone or have help, If you are outnumbered and/or dying repeatedly then immediately go passive and leave WITH your crew member and get back to making money. Don’t feel any way about it. After all, that’s exactly what all try-hards do when we drop that RRG hammer on their heads. Lol.

Regardless. Rich Gang defends each other.

Failure to carry out this crew rule will risk your crew membership.